Con Daily Trades

Con Daily baseball card

Con Daily baseball card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s so much fun to Google Con Daily‘s name ever so often (alright, every day) to see what the Internet has drummed up on him. Just came across this, pretty cool. Those who follow this blog know that Con Daily was a stud 19th-century baseball player who just so happens to be my great-grandfather. I never met Con (you have no idea how much I wish I had and, more importantly, wish my talented baseball player son had) but I visit Con’s grave in Queens to pay my respect and I leave little baseball tokens like his baseball card which I bought online and a baseball Xmas ornament. Oh, and by they way,  I found out where Con was buried through baseball encyclopedias and reference books. How do you like that?)

Anyway, now that spring training games have begun, I’ll be better about posting on this site. In the meantime, hang in there baseball lovers, not too much longer until we can once again live life to the fullest–with baseball.

Oh, and here is the link to the trades that Con was involved in


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