9/11 is Con Daily’s Birthday


Well, awfully tough day for New York and the nation. But, a very happy birthday to my great-grandfather Cornelius (Con) Daily. He played for lots of teams, including Brooklyn Bridegrooms. And he died in Brooklyn. I have visited his grave often, and could not believe my eyes the last time I visited. He is buried in Queens, in the All Faith Cemetery. It is located a home run, albeit a really, really long home run from downtown Manhattan. (I have left a baseball and his baseball card which I bought from an online baseball site, at his grave.) As I drove to his gravesite on 9/11 a couple of years ago, I saw the new Freedom Tower, then under construction and almost complete, in the distance. His gravesite was located in the shadows of the Twin Towers all those years. Relevant, of course, because he shares his birthday with the horrific day of 9/11. Rest in peace, Con. I love you.

Con Daily Anniversary


So, yesterday was Flag Day, an important day for the country. And yesterday was also the day my great-grandfather, Cornelius Daily, star MLB catcher and star in my heart, passed away.

I never met him. That is the strangest thing about my connection to him. I never met him but I’ve read a lot about him in baseball books, articles, forums and he seemed like a great guy. Not to mention, a superstar catcher.

This blog is a tribute to Con and his brother, Ed, also a major league ballplayer who passed away very young–and to 19th-century baseball.

As the catcher in the sky, Con is still cheering on his great-great-grandson, Alexander (my son), who is playing ball this summer in two leagues–one in Boston and the other just north of Boston. And I like to think that Con has Alex’s back when he’s off-the-field, too 🙂

Anyway, so June 14th is an important day to the country, yes, and to me.condailythrowing

Catcher in the Sky

condailythrowingI don’t know why, but for some reason today I am thinking a lot about my great-grandfather, Con Daily. I was surfing the web a bit and came up with this fun info about him. I never met him but I wish he was around to talk to. I think he would have been a great listener with some great advice.

Cornelius “Con” Daily played 12 seasons of big league baseball, participating in 628 games from 1885 to 1896, mostly as a catcher. While he has long been known to be a left-handed batter, his throwing hand has remained a mystery until now. While this “Old Judge” baseball card misspelled his name “Daley,” it clearly reveals that the catcher threw right-handed:

Ed Daily, Baseball Player Giants

Game 7 tonight! Ed Daily, my great-uncle, played for the Giants! So we’re rooting them on, go Giants!

New York City

Game 3 World Series tonight, San Fran Giants at Detroit Tigers. For those of you who are 19th-century baseball buffs, here’s more about my great-uncle (my great-grandfather Con Daily’s brother) who played for the New York Giants in 1890 http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/d/dailyed01.shtml



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Opening Day World Series 2014. Go San Francisco Giants

World Series 2014

Catcher in the Sky


Okay, so I am a huge Yankees fan. But…I will root for the Giants because my great uncle, Ed Daily, played for them (his brother is Con Daily, my great-grandfather, whom I write about a lot on this blog and every chance I get actually.) Ed was an amazing pitcher. He died very young, 29 of TB, the year after he played for the Giants. And in ironies of irony, he died today, October 21st, in Washington, DC. Here’s to you Ed, go Giants 2014! xo

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Derek Jeter’s New Job After He Retires

Matt's Bats

2014-09-08 Jeter ContractYesterday, Major League Baseball celebrated the career of Derek Jeter.  Everybody knows the New York Yankees’ star short stop as one of the best players to ever play the game. He is a 14-time All-Star, World Series MVP, winner of the the American League Rookie of the Year award in his first season, and, with over 3,400 hits and counting, he is number 6 on the all-time hits list.  Jeter is a guaranteed member of the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible.

The public learned two more things about Jeter earlier this year.  First, was that the 2014 season would be his last, because he one that he was going to retire at the end of the season.  And second, that he is moving on to his next occupation as an author.

On  September 23, a few weeks before his retirement from baseball becomes official, Jeter will release his…

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